For our Open Ending project of diverse Components, we will feature a playful variety of side tables constructed from the same hardware to illustrate the various possibilities and configurations enabled by this system. This project is intended to encourage users to become engaged with the object and to adapt or modify instead of discarding it.
from January 2018 -

Open Ending is a design concept that is based on adaptability to fulfill the intention of the user rather than producing a predetermined product for a specific use. This concept is based on various connecting components and stiffening elements that attach semi-finished pieces in various ways transforming them into a diverse series of potential objects.
The result is a product that is not stagnant, but always open to change with us.
Every component that is utilized in the product can be easily disassembled and reconfigured into new forms.

Poster of Open Ending Project "Side Table" - designed by Hyerim Jeon

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